7 Hottest Topics in ELearning

So we have a wealth of information under our belt already. What’s next? Keeping up-to-date! Here are some of the latest topics in eLearning that no eLearning designer should be without.

The eLearning world is dynamic. As we write this article, we know, something new would be developed to make the eLearning environment a tad more interesting. For this reason, it is extremely important to be well-informed while being well-experienced at the same time. Here’s a list of the hottest topics that are creating the eLearning buzz (for now!). So let us know if you have a newer topic in mind.

Mobile learning

MLearning is truly all about accessibility of eLearning programs regardless of the device. MLearning enables employees to learn anywhere, anytime. It also enables them to perform better using job-aids that may not be possible to view on a larger screen than a smart phone.

Knowledge sharing

ELearning generates significant knowledge and a great deal of social learning. Knowledge is exchange using comments, suggestions and debates in the discussion areas of the eLearning environment. Well-mentored decisions lead to a ton of new knowledge, ready to be shared as a new eLearning course! When creating a new eLearning program, think of how you can build communities of practice.


There would be virtually no eLearning authoring tools that do not have ready-to-use templates.  Nowadays, we even see directions on how to use a template! Templates take the element of designing out of the eLearning development process and enable you to add content comfortably. What’s more, they make you come across as an ace eLearning developer!

Cloud authoring

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are sprouting up everywhere. This is owing to the cloud-computing concept. Cloud authoring tools for eLearning have truly changed the way courses are created. Look for services that provide 100% user support and have plenty of videos on how to get started or trouble-shoot when needed. Developing your next course will be fun!


Creating your own videos for eLearning is a great way to teach online! In fact, several online MOOCs are more that 25% videos and the rest is images and texts. With great video shooting features in an average smart phone, creating decent videos is not an issue anymore.


Lately, scenario-based eLearning programs have shifted the entire eLearning scene. Why? Simply put, scenarios are the quickest ways to connect the elearner to their work context. Quickest, cheapest and safest. Create a forgiving learning environment that looks and feels real? Trust us, it will be sold while it’s being built! Scenarios are truly hands-on learning that improve memory recall later on the job. With so many cliparts and background images available, creating scenarios would only need a little imagination.


Games and eLearning are old friends. Whether it’s about adding gamification points to your course or adding some music and avatars, games are the kings! Games and gamification leads to motivation and team building. Many learning management systems now have the gamification feature. Adding as little as progress bar creates a game-like learning environment. The possibilities are endless!

ELearning topics change with time. They gain popularity owing to their success in the eLearning environment. The success matter is mainly decided by the learner. Research on these topics to keep yourself well-informed in the eLearning industry.

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So we have a wealth of information under our belt already. What’s next? Keeping up-to-date! Here are some of the latest topics in eLearning that no eLearning designer should ...
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