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10 Ways to Enhance Your LMS

When companies and small businesses install a brand new learning management system, they think their job is complete. They expects marvels and miracles from this LMS. They think their courses would become award-winning and their revenues would finally meet targets. How naïve! Installing and setting up an LMS is akin to buying the latest smartphone … Continue reading 10 Ways to Enhance Your LMS

7 Awesome mLearning Benefits

Performance support or a collaborative eLearning environment, mLearning has all the cards. Throw in the favorite handheld device (the smartphone) and your eLearning course becomes a favorite pastime! What’s with the enormous success of mLearning anyway? Why are learners more motivated to browse through screens and screens of mobile courses but not the same ones … Continue reading 7 Awesome mLearning Benefits

7 Hottest Topics in ELearning

So we have a wealth of information under our belt already. What’s next? Keeping up-to-date! Here are some of the latest topics in eLearning that no eLearning designer should be without. The eLearning world is dynamic. As we write this article, we know, something new would be developed to make the eLearning environment a tad … Continue reading 7 Hottest Topics in ELearning

5 Mistakes ELearners Make

Migrating from a traditional learning environment to an eLearning environment is not always smooth. A lot of hurdles need to be toppled during the cross-over and of course a lot of hearts need to be won. Despite best intentions several eLearning developers make these common 5 mistakes. In this article, we examine each and determine … Continue reading 5 Mistakes ELearners Make