Mission and Culture

We give back!

By creating agile and responsive learning solutions especially geared towards the adult digital learner, we create opportunities within the community, for the community. That’s the only one way we move forward! Indeed, advanced skills and in-demand skills unlock career positions for individuals. It helps a community grow as an industry, as a school, as a hospital leading to an enhanced quality of life.

As technology and user experience experts, as promotors of learner knowledge and performance, as eLearning specialists and as beacons of educational development, we combine forces to help life grow. We give back!

Check out the positive benefits of creating a supportive environment for individuals in a community:

Community Philanthropists

We plan our altruistic activities with our partnered network. We bring together our resources, mainly knowledge and technology to offer our services to underprivileged regions of the world. Helping cultures and regions progress in their environment is what we do side by side. Philanthropy is the heart of the Skill Demand culture.

In our experiences in traveling the world, we also conduct research to understand how humans understand, ideate and apply new knowledge. While our travels aid the metaphorical and analogical scenarios we create in our learning programs, they also help us give back. Our internal team spearheads our efforts that range from food and toy drives to volunteering in the community. We donate school supplies and train young learners on their path to their future.

Our mission to provide the right skill eLearning programs is interwoven into our values as one global community.