Who we are

A simple idea became big!

Increasing number of individuals have been switching fields. Some have not had any formal college education. These non-traditional adults are keenly interested in excelling in their new chosen careers. We also noticed a skill gap between the university graduates and the requirement of the market. We decided to create eLearning solutions for learners who desire industry specific learning programs. Ever since the inception of SkillDemand, we have been investing in industry demand, niche level subject areas that are not available in traditional higher education and training settings. Our role is pivotal in connecting the right learning program with the right individual to prepare them for their desired career choices.

Education Evolution

The rate at which knowledge is generated is exponential. Knowledge dissemination is now tied to technology. Learners have changed their learning preferences. Institutions need to modify their teaching and educating strategies. Unfortunately, the pace of this change is too slow for the industry. Also, the availability of lower quality, level 1 eLearning programs has diluted the skillset choices and performance requirements of the industry. Learners now need on-demand and just-in-time learning programs that are tailored for their lives, aspirations and dreams. Programs that are desired by organizations of today.

At SkillDemand, we continue to build on our history of marketing performance with concrete solutions. From tour research-based scholarly approach to needs analysis, to specialist convention in systematic instruction design, course plan and development, career preparation, and partner network programs, we connect with the rising learner body each year.

Our team leadership connects the education and training industry to the future of the industry. The experts in our team are renowned for their cutting-edge technology development experience in Big Data, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics. Combining their forces with specialists in eLearning and andrological practice, we bring together unique and enthralling learning experiences. Our eLearning programs stand out for their intensely immersive and transformative learning experiences.


We create the world’s most skilled performers!

This is our promise. It is the product of our mantra “Learn where the Experts teach”. Our “experts” represent the leadership team of SkillDemand. We ensure learning outcomes achievement and mastery in skills with the aid of two elements: The national standards integrated in the curriculum and the advanced instructional design strategies that yield “action and attitude” in our learners.

Is the world prepared for excellence?